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    About ISFO

    About ISFO

    International Society for Olympiad (ISFO) is a registered not for profit organization in India under the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 with Registration Number – 02572 and Unique Identification Number – 2000106621.

    International Society for Olympiad (ISFO) is a veritable global platform that provides exams of increasing levels of difficulty in the subjects of Science and Mathematics to students from class I to XI.

    Designed specifically to enforce scientific reasoning and mathematic prowess, these exams encourage the students to apply the generic concepts learnt in school in a more creative and applicative manner. 

    The ISFO recognizes the need to expose budding young minds to international challenges and empowering them to question the comfort zones set by the curriculum structure. 
    While the school curriculum enforces a deep understanding of various concepts of science and mathematics, ISFO provides a platform to help the students recognize the real application and potential of these concepts thereby encouraging ingenuity. It tests their competency and proficiency of the subject matter at hand.

    The international society for Olympiads comes in two formats: The Science Olympiad and The Mathematics Olympiad. 

    In each of these Olympiads the students are first required to clear the first level of examination. This preliminary round tests not only the understanding of basic concepts of the two subjects but there applications as well. 

    Each student qualifying the first level then undergoes a rigorous training schedule prepared by the mentors who have immense knowledge and expertise in the field of education. 

    Each training session equips the students with the necessary skill set required to understand each concept inherently and allows them to identify their unique problem solving methodology based purely on scientific reasoning

    The students then are eligible to appear for a second level of examination that tests them on the concepts and methods learnt during the training session.

    The second level poses a series of questions of levels of difficulty far greater than the earlier level. The second level is designed not to test the memory of the students rather their scientific temperament and reasoning ability as each question encourages the student to use their accrued skill set and apply the concepts they have learnt. 

    The students who successfully clear the second level are then eligible for a study tour in Singapore where they would be allowed to appear for the SIMOC (Singapore International Mathematics Olympiad Challenge) and AIMO (Asia International Mathematical Olympiad).

    Competing with the best, nationally and internationally, prepares students for competitive exams in higher grades and boosts their self-confidence. Other fringe benefits include development of creative and lateral thinking skills and a sense of autonomy in critical thought and action.