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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should a student register for ISFO Olympiad?

Olympiad exams provide a wider platform for students to compete and analyse their academic knowledge and strength across subjects. They can gauge how they stand academically at four different levels - within the school, at state level, at national level and above all at International level.
ISFO provides students an opportunity to appear for and check their theoretical and application skills in Math, Science, GK and English. The wide-spectrum of competition helps the students to acquire knowledge beyond the books, learn to face questions and gain confidence to appear in competitive exams throughout his/her learning years.

What are the benefits of ISFO Olympiad?
ISFO provides the opportunity to the winners to participants in international exams such as SASMO and compete with champions from
        more than 18 
countries. ISFO sponsors 80+ students for SASMO Exam every year.
A large number of participants are motivated with various awards & recognitions at state, national and international level.
All students are provided a detailed and elaborate performance analysis report that enables them to understand their strengths and
        improvement areas in each of the subject they have taken the exam.

Who are eligible for the ISFO exam?
Students of classes 1 to 10th are eligible to appear for the 1st level Olympiads. There is no other eligibility criterion like minimum marks. Students who secure 50% and above in Level 1 exam qualify for the Level 2 exam.

How can we enroll for the ISFO exam?

Students enrol through the school (minimum 50 students from a school) and appear for the exam with their school as a centre at Level 1.
I am interested to take part in the ISFO Olympiads, but my school has not received any information. How can I participate?
If you are interested to take part in the Olympiad, send us the name, e-mail ID, and address of your school along with name and contact details of the Principal. We will send detailed information and registration forms to your School so that your Principal / Olympiad Teacher-in-charge can register your name for the exam.

What is the structure and pattern of the examination? 
For details please click following link:

When are the results of Olympiads declared? 
Results of Olympiads are declared within 8 weeks of the examination. The results are sent to the respective schools.
The results are also made available on our website.

What is last date for registration? 

10th September 2019

For Level 1 examination, the brochure highlights two date options - oneach in October & November for each of the 4 subjects.
Are both date options available to school?
The school can choose either the dates in October or in November, not both.

What are the venues foLevel 1 & 2 examinations?
Level 1 examination to be held in respective schools and invigilated by school teachers.
Level 2 examination are held at a common venurespectivschool to be invigilated by ISFO representative. 

When is
Level 2 exam scheduled
Tentatively in the first week of February 2020

What is the participation fee per student?

Thparticipatiofee is INR 300 (inclusive of Practice workbook worth INR 150), per student per subject.

What is the minimum of participants required for a school sign up?

Only 50 registrations across all eligible classes & subjects (Maths, Science, English & GK) is required.

In case there are less than 50 participants, how will interested students participate in the Olympiad?

In thunlikely scenario, where there are less tha50 participants across all 4 subjects, it is not feasible for ISFO to hold the exam.
A minimum of 50 students should be enrolled from a school for a school to become a center.

Are there any specific privileges for more than 25 students of any one class or classes across all sections registering for a subject?

Top three students per subject per class from each school will be awarded medals. Individual performance report shall be shared highlighting the strengths and the areas that need to be worked upon.

How many students have a chance to win an all paid study trip to Singapore respectively? 

Top 3 International ISFO Level 2 winners from classes IV to X, (Scoring 80% and above) in Maths, Science, GK and English each shall win a study tour to Singapore.

Why are Top 3 International rankers of grades I to III are not taken for study tours?
It’s the age criteria due to which these top 3 national rank holders of grades I to III shall be given exciting rewards and not taken for the study tour.

Are there any other categories of winners?
Prizes are up for grabs for the winners of National Ranks 4 to 10 for each grade as well.

Would students be provided any content support that helps them prepare for the Olympiad?
ISFO shall provide each participant a specific preparatory booklet subject and grade-wise. Last year paper is also carried for reference.

What other privileges are accorded to schools that send more than 50 students? 
Participation Certificates for students
Participation Trophy (For 300+ enrollments from a school)
Appreciation Certificate for school
Appreciation Letter for the Principal
Certificate of Appreciation for Olympiad Coordinator from each school

What is your refund policy?
We do not refund part or full fees paid under any circumstances.